Hi there, welcome to my humble website, feel free to navigate through out my website to see my showcases, my previous works and other things that I have created.


A little about me, I am a freelancer website designer & programmer. My skills in this area are HTML, CSS, PHP and Jquery. You can see all my past works and creation on the Showcase sub menu. I have been doing this work since 2007. I am also the creator of Rodadewa CMS, a lightweight CMS engine (website builder) that is responsive and intuitive and “free” (visit Rodadewa to know more about this).


I have also made a few game apps on iOS and Android, however, at the moment my apps are focussed more into android devices. You can try my game apps available on google playstore, all of them are free.


I am also a musician, I’ve been in a band and performing since 1996, I was a piano player up to 2010 then I switch to guitar. I still do play the piano mainly to write songs. I usually mix and master my own tracks, I also do my service as a guitarist and a digital audio engineer from time to time. You can listen to my tracks and watch my videos on youtube.


Another of my hobby is drawing. I love digital drawing. I mainly use Photoshop as my drawing tool. You can see some of my works on my gallery on this website.